“From each listener who hears him to each client he works with – Derek  puts everyone at ease. He takes the quintessential British voice to another level with a down-to-earth sophistication that is as soothing and inviting as it is trustworthy and unforgettable. His rich, smooth and credible sound has a way of pulling you deep into the story, making you want to stay all day. His enunciation, diction, and delivery skills are second to none.”  -Celia Siegel, America’s premier V/O manager

Announcer for Disney’s World Premiere of Rogue One, A Star Wars Story. “That is great! Thanks.” –James M. Wood, Disney

Audiobook Titanic: The Legacy Remains: “Mr. Partridge’s narration truly conveys the horrors witnessed during the night that the Titanic went down.  I am impressed by how it turned out!  Very professional and well done by a truly talented individual in the industry!” -William Brower, Titanic Historian, Author and Former U.S. Ambassador to the Titanic Heritage Trust

Magical Egypt: “What a remarkable performance you gave on film.  As good as your narration has always been, I definitely acknowledge that you bring something even more golden and masterful in your on-screen performance. A whole extra layer of charisma and powerful commanding ease.”      Chance Gardner, writer, director second one-hour series

“Your extraordinary speaking voice, enunciation and diction is the perfect example of what I try to achieve with my students. You are an exemplary model and I have always admired your work.” -Betty I. Lougaris, Voice-Over Coach

Audiobook Money Can’t Lie: “I knew nothing about you except the killing power of your voice. Now I read about you. OMG. I have no words! Everything is absolutely great. Your sexy voice remained the same until the end, this is my best investment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” –acclaimed Russian author Anna Schlegel

Star Wars Rebels: “It was such a pleasure working with you yesterday!  Everyone was thrilled with your performance, and for such a nice guy, you really brought that villain to life!” -Lindsay Perlman, Lucasfilm Casting Manager (in 3 seasons)

Magical Egypt: “Wow, speechless! It sounds so much more important and interesting than when I wrote it. Just got to the end.  Back to being speechless.  I’ve never heard of a 4 page script read with no notes.”  Chance Gardner, writer, director first one-hour series

Rhodesians will never forget you, be assured.  No one else could have done for Rhodesia what you did. We each have our strengths, like our army and air force guys, but your special talent is unforgettable. -Anne McCormac,  Rhodesian TV (now Zimbabwe)

“You’re the most talented announcer I have ever had the privilege to work with. There are very few on-camera talents who are blessed with your communication skills. Robin Leach told me you were the quintessential spokesperson.”
Bill Fawcett, President Fawcett Group, LA

Moscow River: “Your narration was super… a real pleasure to listen to it and your editing improved the script.” -Artur Borejszo, Director
our recorded voice was amazing, smooth like silk.” –Hiroki Matsuura, Producer

“Thank you for your superb, committed, spellbinding work on our two Leslie Howard documentaries. Everyone who watches is impressed by your first rate work. I could never have brought these projects to life without your on-camera presence, expressive narration, charm, never-failing patience and passion for giving the best possible performance.”
-Tom Hamilton, Writer/Director, Repo Films

“I love your voice. There are very few people I could literally listen to all day! There  is no one else that sounds as smooth and comforting as you.” -William Martin, CEO Voice Island

“You’re a pro’s pro. That you did 150 pages of TelePrompTer of complex computer material in the impossibly short time given you still amazes me. It’s a pleasure to call you one-take Derek.” -Jim Stimpson, Director, Halekala Group

“It’s all perfect, Amazing – Amazing work! Thanks for your dedicated professionalism. A pleasure to work with you.” (42 pages chlorine dioxide technology)   -Liam Kennedy, Producer ImageBeam

“AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Knocked it right out of the park, not a single note.  And thanks for making the script better. I always walk away from our encounters perfected in some small way. Will put it in and marvel at how much better it just got.”
-Chance Gardner, Writer/Producer Magical Egypt, First Series

 “Never before have I seen 20 minutes of usable takes… on a 20 minute tape!”   -Daniel Jones, Reliance Rx

“My client was looking for a sophisticated male British voiceover, so Derek was the perfect choice for our project. His voice is as smooth as butter and his delivery was spot-on for our medical sales video.”  – Jacquie Levy, Producer, Levy Production 

“It’s absolutely perfect! Your voice is so easy to listen to, like sipping fine wine, it’s so rich and smooth.”
-Michelle Summers, Owner, VoiceCasting

“You’re a one-take wonder!” – Staness Jonekos, Director ABC TV/Granada, “Wallet Roulette”

“… ability to correctly read a script on the first take, earned him the nickname one-take Partridge. He puts everyone at ease… Derek brings something special to a production.” -Doug Larson, Telemedia/PBS

It was perfect. Thank you so much and thank you for getting to it so quickly.
-Jeffrey Weston, CEO Home Learning Association

“Derek was fantastic to work with. A pure pro. Took direction very well and did a stellar job with our read. We really look forward to working with Derek again.” -Gabby Berg, Robbins Media, NYC

“… never seen a foreign language session go so smoothly, saved our budget $1,400.”
(French-Italian-Spanish)   -Bill Trousdale, Director, Audiovision, LA

“We were impressed by the effortless craftsmanship of your fantastic performance.”
-Chance Gardner, Producer, Magical Egypt

“…demonstrated a wonderful command of the technical material, presented in a straightforward and interesting way to viewers… helpful and imaginative… especially easy to work with, despite a host of technical difficulties.”
-Matthew Barrows, Director, American Medical

“… his talent and professionalism gave new meaning to the word spokesperson, thorough preparedness, quick thinking and problem-solving ideas saved production time and money.” -Denny Michael, Alpha Micro

“… knowledge of business and finance a distinct asset, ability to read long passages in one take enabled us to complete a difficult shoot on time, within budget.” -Alan Kondo,Transamerica Occidental

“Suave and debonair, Derek is the perfect public speaker on stage or TV. His charm, voice and character exude confidence on camera and, he has a-down-to-earth personality which makes friends of clients.”  -David Victory, Director, Media Marketing

“Needing little briefing, Derek was good at finding the fine line between control and grace, between strict timing & flexibility.    He was firm, but friendly.” -Ems Magnus, Producer, TEAM, Switzerland

“Derek handled the whole presentation with panache, professionalism and made delegates feel more than at home with his command of several foreign languages.” -Luke Coleman, Director, Grosvenor Prods, UK

“…my sincere gratitude for your very prompt and tremendously professional handling of our V/O project. Your professionalism and talents are unmatched.” -Allen Chubb, President, Chubb International Shooting

US Currency Collapse (5,000 words) ”Took direction very well and knocked it out of the park.
Response time and recording were quick. Thanks Derek!”
                                                                         -Lance Johnson, Online Support Solutions, CO